This guide will show you how you can setup caption for your linguistic communication in Kodi and then set off them in any addon that you use.

As a habitue Kodi user I urge using a VPN service to unlock restricted content and anonymise you on-line. PureVPN is the best at do both!

  • Open Kodi
  • Select SYSTEM > Settings
  • Select Video
  • Select caption
  • Select Preferred caption linguistic communication
  • take your linguistic communication
  • Select linguistic communication to download caption for
  • Select your linguistic communication once again. You can also select others as backup just in case caption arent available. I use Swedish but I also select English language as a backup
  • Select OK when you have chosen the linguistic communications you want
  • Select Default TV show service
  • Select Get more…
  • take a caption service. I urge Opencaption
  • Select Default movie service
  • Select the subtitle service you have installed
  • Now when you start observation content open the media controls and select the subtitle Icon
  • Select Download
  • take your preferred caption choice
  • Your content will now play with your chosen caption

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